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Once you have purchased a Block of Atomic Power or submitted a proposal, Research.Legal will set up a secure and private Client Portal for you on OneHub and then send you an invite.

Your portal will be like this sample (demo): Your Law Firm Portal (which you can review).

Once you receive the invite, you will be asked to log in, after which you will upload documents including the “Assignment” (a suggested template is included in the sample which you can review) and all other relevant documents (your draft if any, opposing motions or briefs, etc.).

In the sample Portal, there is a “Case Law” folder, but typically cases relevant to the assignment are added by Research.Legal. Once you access the secure Portal set up for you and your firm, you may upload what you consider important or controlling cases to the Case Law folder or create and name other folders which you deem will best organize your cases in your Portal.

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